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I can't pick  myself up
I can't expect you to know
what it's like to be me
what it means to let go

I give it my all
it's never enough
No place to go no comfort in sight
only me and these feelings
that eat me alive

You once held me close
and looked in my eyes
I found peace in you
a new love a new life

the bottom is dark
lonely and cold
my tears soak these pillows
don't you see me anymore?

Can't you look beyond words
and what you think I should know
and just be there for me
when I'm feeling this low

Be there beside me
and I'll do the same
we'll never reach forever
if we keep placing this blame

Our love pays the price
heart's broken in vain
I can't see up from rock bottom
just let me explain

when things appear dim
and I can't feel your light
I lose all my faith
in love and in life

Unspoken vows
a pact between us
to love one another
for better or worse

To take care of each other
when no one else can
and lean on the other
when one cannot stand

I'm losing my vision
I'm weary and weak
what once held promise
now seems so bleak

My heart seems to stay broken
I'm lost without you
I can't hold my head up
what do I do?

Words never spoken
are hearts never broken
I'll just close the door
and suffer in in silence

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this was a darker time for me during a new relationship. This poem is more about myself than anything else. I deal with social anxiety on day to day basis. Comfort is so hard to find when you're not sure if you've even felt it before. I have always felt that people are so critical of me, and I honestly feel like I try harder than anyone else I know. That may be a misconception on other people's part, but I feel like my heart is usually pure, when it comes to helping someone else. I tend to pull myself down in relationships because I expect too much from myself (or what I think my partner expects from me). Ultimately, that kind of thinking can destroy a relationship. Any time we place expectations, we are setting ourselves up for a disappointment, in love or in life. It is best to hope for the best and expect the worse. Those are wise words that have come from my husband, and I hope they touch upon anyone that reads this :) keep on doing what you love, and have faith in God, in fate, and in in truth.
daddycollins Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011
Damn darlin. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met.
xx-Emo-Fairy-xx Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
Wow This poems really good :D You can really feel your emotion in it :D Hope you write more poems like this :D xxxx
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